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"If you look closely at the fabric of civilization which overlays the passions of this race,
you will discover it held together with tiny rows of thread stitched by the hands of anonymous folk."
- Bill Moyers*

This is a growing collection of stories that connect us ... true stories of unexpected intersections and amazing moments of synchronicity ... things that make us say, "What a coincidence!"

A prospective buyer learns that he has a history with that must-have house ...

A brother and sister, separated so long ago by adoption and now living on different continents ... How could they ever meet again?

Three strangers help a Holocaust survivor find proof of his existence ...

Two travelers waiting at an airport discover they are family ...

We know, deep in our hearts, that all is one. But in our heads, we fear it isn't true. No matter what words we use--good luck, serendipity, fate, karma--these stories challenge those doubts and remind us: the connections are always there, just waiting for us to notice.

The other stories that we have now--the ones about fear, hate and anger--aren't working for us, are they? So let's focus instead on how alike we are. Let's talk and build bridges and open doors.

Connecting stories are gifts that we give to each other. Will you tell me your story?

Please tell me your story.

Thank you for visiting. Please tell your friends.

* from "The making of a Journalist" in Moyers on America, A Journalist and His Times