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I have, with friends, been doing remote viewing and absent healing for years. When I inherited the family farm (ours since 1844, through seven generations), I thought small and niche would be the route to go -- couldn't do big and chemical in all consciousness. After a few years of organic garlic, I felt there must be a better way.

It was given to me that the vibrations and peace there would be beneficial to city dwellers so I decided to reverse 50 years of neglect and restore my grandfathers' house to its 1900 glory ... and turn the farm into a spiritual/healing retreat.

Shortly after making this decision, I was driving up to the farm one rainy cold March day thinking, “Am I nuts? How can I do this? I am so unskilled at all that needs to be done.”

I cried out, “Give me a sign!”

The first thing that happened was the sun came out. Yay!

Next I stopped in at a cousin’s to tell him I'd been looking into “re-store” places because I needed a porcelain pedestal sink for the bathroom. He said, “I have one. I'll give it to you.” (The bathroom in the farmhouse, at that time, was so bad the outhouse was preferable.)

Next the couple across the road dropped in, and he said, “My union has screwed up. They've put me on part-time instead of full-time so anything you need done -- plumbing, electrics, drywall -- I'll do for you really reasonably.”

After they left, I was drawn to go into the barns. There I found a clawfoot tub which was easily restorable.

That night when I got home I called the couple and told her what a Godsend he was for me, since I had no idea how I could accomplish what had to be done. I then asked if she could find me an affordable roofer because the roof over the back kitchen was falling in. She said he used to be a roofer.

Now how many signs did I need?

The synchronicities have continued to be amazing. I'm keeping track of them to remind me of my path whenever I get a little discouraged.

There is no such thing as coincidence.

Nancy Huber - Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Cherry Valley Farm Spiritual Healing Retreat is just South of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Nancy says, Everything took "waay longer than expected, and I have to keep reminding myself we are operating on Divine Time.” A neighbor took this picture of two fawns napping behind the barns. After Nancy used the photo for a flyer, she learned that deer represent "patience."


Just one of my stories -- the most recent one. Isn't it beautiful, all these connections? We just need some more confidence to recognize them maybe?

As I would be driving down to hot sunny Spain soon for a camping holiday with my children, I was getting together all the equipment needed. Searching through our chaotic household, I was turning into a bitchy creature for my kids, as I could not get hold of the shades which we would certainly need.

Meanwhile my daughter of 15 was going on about an idea she’d had for a couple of months: she wanted to join an Australian “high school year” program AND do it yesterday instead of tomorrow! We talked this subject through a couple of times, and I said to her -- irritated as I was about my own chaos in the house -- drop the subject for now and find those **** shades.

Photo © Benoist Sébire

I was getting more and more agitated, so I gave up searching and sat down behind my computer to check my email and guess what? There in front of my eyes was an email coming from this firm called About Shades. NEVER heard of it so I thought, Spam for the trash box. At the same second I thought, READ IT! So I did.

This mail came from my dear friend Ray who is living in Sydney now, and you know what? He has his own company selling all kinds of shades for all kinds of purposes! He managed to dig up one of my email addresses, and there they were: the shades AND Australia on a golden plate. Ha, ha.

Life is perfect!

Saskia Bilderbeek - Den Haag, The Netherlands

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